Town of Bay Roberts

The Town of Bay Roberts has many interesting attractions.  During the summer there are three guided tours each week.

Guided Tours

Starting on July 6th, guided tours of the Shoreline Heritage Walking Trail are held on Saturday and Sunday, starting at 2pm.
Luke points out old well
Photo from last year’s Shoreline Heritage Walking Tour

Starting on July 5th, guided tours of the Cable Building National Historic Site and Cable Avenue Municipal Heritage District (which are celebrating their 100th Anniversary in 2013) are held on Fridays, starting at 2pm.

Cable Building National Historic Site

For information about those tours  Three Scheduled Guided Tours in Bay Roberts

Shearstown Estuary Wetlands

You can visit the Shearstown Estuary Wetlands and see many types of animals and plants – Shearstown Estuary Wetlands

Wildflowers in the Shearstown Estuary
Shearstown Estuary

Klondyke Causeway

The historic Klondyke Causeway provides a view of Bay Roberts Harbour
Klondyke Causeway
Klondyke Causeway

Community Gardens

The Community Gardens is a beautiful place to picnic and is the site of Community Events.
Red and White
Canada Day in the Community Gardens

Wilbur Sparkes Recreation Complex

The Wilbur Sparkes Recreation Complex hosts many sporting events and has a marked walking track.
The Field
Wilbur Sparkes Recreation Complex

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